5 Reasons Why I Became a Wedding Photographer

Why wedding photography? That's a question people often ask me. Why not pursue another line of work? Why not work for a company with stable salaries and benefits? Why focus solely on photographing weddings? Why subject yourself to that kind of pressure? Okay, to be totally honest, maybe some of these questions have been lingering in my own mind. They're questions I've pondered a lot throughout this journey. I've discovered that defining the "why" behind what I do has determined that wedding photography is what I truly love. Here are the 5 reasons I became a wedding photographer.

1 - My heart is to serve couples and encourage marriage.

My heart is to serve couples and encourage marriage. From day one, I've believed that marriage should be celebrated. When I heard someone close was getting married, I'd also hear comments directed at the couple, such as: "Wow, good luck! Marriage is tough. Like really tough," or "Wow, make sure you know what you're getting into." While marriage isn't always easy, I wonder why our culture views marriage in such a negative light.

When I proposed to my beautiful wife, I heard more words of encouragement, but some of those derogatory comments also came my way. I understood, I got married, and I found out that relationships, in general, aren't easy, and merging your life with another human being, until death do you part, can be a hefty commitment to take on. However, I also believe that marriage is one of the most beautiful and sacred things a person can choose to do. I believe we were uniquely created for marriage and that living life with the person you love is far better than living alone. That's why my primary goal is to serve the couples I work with and encourage them toward marriage.

My heart is to serve couples and remind them not only of the challenges but also of the joy of living forever with the one they love.

2-The relationship I build with couples goes beyond professional/client.

The wedding market is unlike any other market; it involves a much longer relationship, from the first meeting with the couple for the initial consultation and booking, to the day of final delivery. I take their engagement photos and get to know them during that session. I may follow and engage with them on Instagram for over 9 months, exchange emails, recommend vendors, help them determine their timeline, important details to bring, and what to prioritize on the wedding day. Finally, I may spend 10 to 13 hours with them on the wedding day.

Throughout this entire process, my wedding clients become friends, and that's exactly what I aim for. I'm not here just to be the photographer you met once and who shows up on your wedding day. I'm here to be someone you trust, like, and know has deeply invested in your wedding day.

3-I can capture the dream.

I dreamed for years about my own wedding, wedding photos, and the memories that would come from it. In fact, dreaming about my own wedding is what led me to become a photographer. As I began following photographers and wedding industry vendors, I fell in love with the idea of being the person who captures it all. I take great joy in helping other couples immortalize the dream of their wedding through images.

This is the primary reason, clearly!

4 - It keeps me on my toes

No two weddings are the same; I meet different people, photograph in different locations around the world, and therefore, I carry a different experience from each wedding. Wedding photography encompasses many different types of photography, ranging from portraits to details, candid shots, and photojournalism. It requires the ability to blend everything seamlessly in a single day. Unlike any other market, I have little control over light and weather conditions, and certainly can't reschedule if it rains or if the sunlight is a bit stronger than desired. Wedding photography is always challenging me and forcing me to adapt and work in different conditions.

5-It's my passion

Weddings have been a part of my story from an early age. As a child, I remember actively participating in weddings, such as being responsible for bringing the rings to the altar at weddings of family friends, or just trying to appear in as many photos as possible and always being in the videographers' angles, as I was an energetic child. I never imagined, even after joining the Multimedia course at the Lusófona University of Porto in 2008, that I would be so passionate about capturing love stories.

I'm not in this field just for the money; I'm in it simply because creating art and preserving the memories of one of the most important days in a person's life brings me alive. This gives purpose and meaning to my work; for me, it's not just about taking "pretty pictures." It goes far beyond becoming a well-known wedding photographer and earning some money. As I said, I believe marriage is sacred and valuable. Being part of it is one of the most meaningful things I could imagine doing.