The candid photography is like a mirror of the soul, reflecting the most authentic and sincere moments of the wedding day.

Eliabe Campos


Editorial & Fine Art Photography


Delving into organic beauty, spontaneous authenticity, and elegance through my lens. Uncover a portfolio that encapsulates unique and genuine moments.


At the altar, love becomes eternal. Gazes meet, promises are made. Each moment, a sigh of happiness. Family and friends witness the union, celebrating the beginning of a shared journey. And so, two hearts join in a sacred bond, ready to face the future together.


In the engagement session, joy overflows as the bride and groom prepare for the big day. Under the gentle sun or starry sky, each moment is captured with love and anticipation. Laughter, hugs, and knowing glances foreshadow the happiness to come.

Capturing the connection among loved ones

Capturing the connection among loved ones transcends mere photography; it is a testament to the bonds that unite us. Each click of the shutter freezes moments of intimacy, laughter, and shared experiences. It is about preserving the subtle nuances of affection, the tacit language of devotion, and the warmth that emanates from genuine connection. Whether it's the tender gaze between a couple, the playful interaction of siblings, or the comforting embrace of family, these images immortalize the depth of human relationships. Through skilled lensmanship, we celebrate the beauty of love and the enduring power of human connection.

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